Turks, wearing the “Burga of Hypocrisy”, … ask to enter “peacefully” in the European Union.

Constantinople, the city of Constantine (in Greek), Istanbul (is tin Poli, in Greek), was Greek, built on the ruins o Byzantium, built by Byzas, a Greek hero from Megara, near Athens!… Byzantium, Eastern Roman Empire, included many nations, with Greeks in the most profound position, because of their culture (even Ottoman Turks, used Greeks because they themselves were illiterate and suitable only for aggressive war against Christians). In the middle ages, fights between christian rulers led to weakening of Byzantium. Ottoman Turks moved aggressively those days, in order to spread islam violently and brutally to the West. Byzantium fall, leading to hundreds of years of terrible slavery to the region (Ottoman rule, inhuman, cruel rule). By the way, the cruel invasion of Ottoman Turks stopped outside Vienna by Eugene of Savoy!… Peoples under Ottoman rule suffered terribly, many confessed to Islam, these are the remnants of Turkish occupation in Cyprus, Balkans and elsewhere. The wind of freedom, and the corrupted Ottoman Empire, finally was overthrown: A small part of Greece was liberated in the early 19th century, later Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus. Now Turkey cries over lost occupied Territories, eg Crete, Rhodes, Aegean islands. By the way, no one “gives away” islands, the islands we mention are and were Greek, (as Asia Minor), long before Ottoman Aggressors appearad in the area to spread violently and fiercely islam!
Churches and cultural heritage of our occupied land in Cyprus (a member of UN & EU) ARE DESTROYED and desacracated even at the very moment we speak, by aggressive Turks. Turks, wearing the “Burga of Hypocrisy”, ignorant and afionised by false and fake pseudohistory, ask to enter “peacefully” in the European Union. Their bullish behaviour make us not to trust them. They are unable to change, they can not join European Union, a free and democratic institution.

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