Turkey in the European Union? NO THANKS!

From discussion in FACEBOOK!

Where Turkey is? In occupied Cyprus, destroying the cultural identity and preventing the legitimate citizens of Cyprus to return to their homes, properties… By the way, Cyprus is a Member of the European Union…
Turkey is also bullying th…e Greek islands in the Aegean, threatening Greece, another member of the EU, with war, if Greece extends to 12 miles its territorial waters according to the International Laws.

‎@EgemenYavas: There was no Turkish part in Cyprus in 1974 for anyone to send troops there (except an enclave of seccesionists between Nicosia & Kyrenia (which were “undisturbed”)). The Annan plan was so onesided, that 76% of Greek Cypriots said NO as their democratic view implied! Greek Cypriots are 80% of legitimate citizens of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriots are themselves persecuted by the military of Turkish invating forces that forced them to leave Cyprus. Turkey performs genocide and ethnic cleansing in the occupied part of Cyprus, destroying churches, buliding hundred of mosques and changing the history of Cyprus!

The Greek majority and the Turkish minority lived peacefully in Cyprus before the Colonialists used Turks to fight against self determination of Cyprus. I do not accept that Greek Cypriots would kill their Turkish cypriot neighbours. However, Turkish invasion in Cyprus was a brutal act, aiming at ethinc cleansing of occupied Cuprus. A simplified example of what happened in cyprus in 1974 and the Turkish view thereafter: A thief seizes your purse, and then he proposes to you to retrun a portion of what he stole, in order to … live peacefully with you! Europe needs democracy, freedom of movement, respect of property. Can Turkey accept and honour that?

Turkey stormed Christian Europe in Middle Ages in order to force “Infidel” Christians to become muslims or else…! Now, they hypocritically pretend that they can tolerate other religions and “ask their victims” to accept that Turkey keeps most of the occupied territories!…

Turkey “planted” hundreds of mosques in the occupied part of Cyprus, destroying at the same time Christian churches of the expelled Greek Cypriots. Thiw is called ethnic cleansing! The only way for Turlkey to “enter” Europe is by military invasion!

European Union is a free, democratic institution. Members must adhere and follow the international laws, avoid military intervention in other member states or threats of war against neighbours! Turkey must respect the European values first! This a prerequisit that Turkey avoids to follow.

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